The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman

What is your response on the philosophical problem of evil or pain and suffering of the world posed by many non-theist?

There is only good or the absence of good, there is no such thing as evil.

Suffering is always the unintended consequences of thoughtless actions made by thoughtless beings.

If a being cannot think it is doomed to cause suffering. Human beings can think and as such can choose not to cause suffering or to accept the consequences of suffering. Buddhism and Stoicism are too very good examples of whole doctrines centered on the idea that suffering only occurs within the mind of the sufferer.

There are only events and your reaction too them, a problem for the body is a problem for the body not the mind etc.

Likewise forgiveness of the thoughtless actions of others liberates you. You are the one that benefits the most from practising forgiveness. Love and it’s resultant attributes of compassion, forgiveness and benevolence are the highest human values and bring you closer to the source of the divine (this is what christianity teaches) because God is love.

The entire universe is the result of a great spirit that is permanently at play (Hinduism). You and this spirit or not only joined but are in fact one and the same (Mysticism). Hence if you harm another, you harm yourself, if you help another you help yourself.

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