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Who am I?

This is the most important question of all.  Who am I?

It’s the label that we attach to our consciousness.  What is consciousness?

It’s our locus, the focal point that we see or perceive the universe from.

That’s all it is.

As someone that has had an out of body experience or more correctly a near death experience when I was very young I can assure you that your physical senses are not all that there is.

When your conciseness is fully merged with your flesh it uses the senses of the flesh to get by, when it’s liberated from the body your spiritual senses take over and are actually much more effective at bringing you the information that you need to make your way in the world.

It’s a bit like looking at a High Definition picture when you’re only just to Standard Definition.  Boost the vibrancy of the colours and your done.  There’s just so much detail in the mix.  Physical senses are just a poor shadow of the spiritual ones.

Importantly though the senses are the ‘senses’ of something and that something is you.  So once again who are you?

Let’s start with identity.

You were born and somebody else assigned you a name because you were far to young and at the time completely incapable of choosing your own name.

So you are not your name, that’s just a label that other people assign to you.

When you die that label will disappear from the world and all that goes with it, will go to.  Your property will be divided up amongst other people and all of the silly stuff that you own such as paperweights and ornaments will outlive you.

You are not your identity.

Lets continue with the mind…

You are not your mind, that mind consists of thoughts and ideas, words and pictures in the head that serve you but are not you.  These thoughts are just things that you experience and are useful to the real you in much the same way that an arm or a leg is.

Your mind is just a tool that you use to interrogate the universe, reason and express your uniqueness to ‘other people’.

You are not your mind.

Lets continue with personality?

Personality definitely survives death, we know this through the largely consistent and informative experiences of people that have had near death experiences, not to mention the experiences of people that have either been to see a good and credible medium or psychic or indeed might be one.

Whilst you can argue that this evidence is anecdotal and not scientific, it does point to an extended period of existence out of the body and away from this world.

This suggests that the personality somehow or other survives death and often lives for a time in the non physical component to our universe, before returning to earth and reincarnating.

It’s worth noting that some spiritual traditions say that it can be your choice to reincarnate and that you don’t have to do so.  Other’s say the opposite that when you’ve used up your ‘goodwill’ for nice deeds done you have to come back.

Either way, you are not your personality, despite the fact that your ‘personality’ survives death and is reborn with you.

Why is this?

It’s because your personality changes over time.  You are not the same person today that you were yesterday, or indeed last year or even ten years ago.

Every event, every experience changes your personality.

Your personality is just what you express or exhibit in your lifetime an is subject to change.

You are not your personality…

Lets strip all of that away…

If you are not your identity and you are not your mind or personality, what’s left?

Strangely enough, nothing is left, just awareness.

That’s all that you are.  Pure awareness that experiences the universe through the filter of your mind and the personality.

Pure awareness, when you experience this and understand it, you get to realise that instead of being nothing, you are in fact everything.  All that there is.

Every planet, every star, every other person, place, creature of thing resides within the magnificence of your soul as indeed does your body, your mind, your personality.

You are all that you are…

Marius and Rain Cloud.

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