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Why do I see myself as being different to others?

Be yourself, everyone else has been taken…

We are all different to everyone else and that’s the way it should be.

We are all born individual, with different likes and tastes and different appearances.

We then make our way through life experiencing different things and interpreting those events in a way that is unique to us.

If nothing else you could take this to indicate that the meaning of life is simply to be yourself, no other explanation is possible.

Some people gain comfort in the fact that they might dress or look the same as other people or share the same interests and that’s ok, but deep down inside you can rest assured that they feel different too.

There is nothing like a crowd to make you feel unique.  The other aspects of the great spirit that we refer to as ‘other people’ also have the experience of not quite fitting in, but that’s how it is if you are relying on clothes, fashions, trends and shared values to give you a sense of community and friendship with others.

Enjoy your unique nature.

It’s just good to be yourself, enrich others and the greater world around you by offering it the best of yourself.  Let your true nature shine through in all of your interactions and dealings.  Show the world what it is to be you and in doing so you will fulfil your life’s purpose.

Be mindful of ego though, keep it under control, let it help you when you need it, but don’t be overpowered by it.  A necessary tenant of the meaning of life is that you provide good quality experiences to the other aspects of yourself that you meet every day.   That’s what it is to be a part of the great spirit.

Individual, unique yet all of the same…

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