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Why do philosophers and scientists exaggerate with trying to find answer for everything like: “why do we die”?

The ancient stoic philosophers used to say that nothing in nature is bad. Death is a part of nature and therefore not a bad thing.

I think you are mixing something up in the question as philosophy is all about living now. In other words philosophy is the answer to the question of ‘how do I live a good life?’

Religion is the answer to ‘what happens when and after I die?’

Likewise scientists are only really interested in observable phenomena, or stuff that can be tested, falsified, verified and repeatedly observed to be true, resulting in the understanding of how life and natural laws work, so science is also concerned with this life that we are living now. This makes sense as science tends to have it’s beginnings in philosophy.

There’s no room for exaggeration in either philosophy or science as your peers get to review your work and critique it for the benefit of everybody, so I think the premise behind this question is flawed.

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