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Why we should never tolerate Intolerance…

There’s too much intolerance going around these days, it’s like everyone has a right to be intolerant!  I mean for gods sake there’s a case in the European Court of Human Rights about whether people can wear crosses or not.


Personally I don’t care whether a doctor or nurse or air stewardess wears a cross it doesn’t offend me, because believe it or not I am a tolerant person.  Despite my frequent descents into a display of madness at the worlds perversions I don’t care what people wear.  They can wear a burqa, hijab, cross or a pair of Nike trainers or even nothing at all when they are dealing with me.  I don’t care!  I trust my nurse not to dip her cross into my many medicines (high blood pressure mostly) or a stewardess not to stick it in my airline food (it might actually add some body though) and I also trust my Doctor not to dip his (passage removed by editor)…


All I care about is how well the person I’m dealing with actually treats me.  I tolerate everything else.  I tolerate loud babies in restaurants (grenades), I tolerate trolley rage in supermarkets despite often being black and blue from being bumped by careless trolley mums.  I tolerate the increasingly crappy weather we all enjoy in this stinking bankrupt country of ours and I tolerate the dumbing down of TV with shows that do not require you to think.  I tolerate late buses and expensive trains, I tolerate bad parking and crap driving.  I tolerate big guys on small seats (usually sitting next to me).  I tolerate politicians promises.  In short I tolerate everything like most normal people do.  


Not everyone is like me.  Some people really are offended by the sight of a crucifix (vampires mostly though) and many of their counterparts from other faiths/backgrounds/streets etc are equally offended by the sight of a turban or a sign written in Urdu in London (I mean we put up with Welsh on our signs!) .  These people are the one’s that we should be really offended about.  They won’t tolerate any other person’s point of view or religious beliefs or sensitivities.  They want everybody to be the same as them.  They are the people with the problem, not us.  If they are intolerant it means that there is something wrong with them.  It’s easy to be tolerant.  


Tolerance doesn’t mean that you have to like it.  It just means that you have to tolerate it.  In other words just ‘put up and shut up’.  If everyone just ‘put up and shut up’ the world would be a very quiet place and we would all be better of for it.


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