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Why you are here

As we frequently mention, you are born as an individual, designed from the ground up to ascend to godhood through the slow process of evolution and spiritual development.

Being an individual is absolutely meaningless if there are no other people to meet or interact with.

If you exist totally alone amongst the greater universe then there is no value to you being an individual.

Only when we meet others can we appreciate what it is to be ourselves.

The nature of life or the process of life is to continually experience what it is to be you.  Nothing else is possible.

Being you is only possible if you meet other people.

You experience them as they experience you.

So the meaning of life for beginners is simply to be yourself, experience other people, other things, other places and other forms of life.  In other words to experience all of the things that are not you, because without them it would not be possible to be you.

Be mindful though that those other things, people, places and events that are not you will also experience you as you experience them.

Offer them a good experience, enrich them with your essential being and in doing so you will progress spiritually too.

That’s why you are here…

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