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Will my life repeat when I die?

It depends how you look at it. I take the mystic position that all things are one and that other people being born after I die with no knowledge or memory of a prior existence is exactly the same as my life ending and me reincarnating at some time in the future with no knowledge or memory of this life.

The mystic position on this is that there is no such thing as separation and that we’re all parts of a much greater spirit, that all things everywhere are you and that the divide between yourself and the greater universe isn’t as solid as you’d like to think.

You might think that your being ends at the level of your skin, but in actuality it just starts there. The rest of the universe is you, you are essential to it because you are it.

Mystics are also dualists, mind is the opposite of matter, in a sense a material universe implies a mental one in which the divide between you and all other minds is also just as illusory. There is only one mind in existence and you’re it.

This nicely explains the origin or psychic powers plus past life memories although it does not guarantee that any memories you may have of a previous existence actually belong to ‘you’ in the sense of how you think of yourself. Some may, some won’t.

I appreciate that not everyone will agree with this and I also regularly face the possibility that I may well be wrong and committing logical fallacies here so I take great comfort in the fact that when I die if nothing else happens then the materials of my body will be returned to the universe and re-used again by many other life forms in lots of interesting ways.

To me, this is reincarnation and on it’s own is actually good enough, not an afterlife, but a recycling of my atoms.

I suspect however that what is true for the body is probably also true for the mind so there is hope that I will pop up somewhere else at some time in the future but I don’t depend upon it.

The universe is nihilistic, it has no intrinsic meaning or value, it doesn’t need one, but I’m glad to be here and keen to make the most of it whilst I can.

It’s not the quality of life that’s important, it’s how much living you do…

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