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Women who don’t have a type!

That bright young thing, Taylor Swift was on TV the other day.  She was being interviewed by none other our very own tombstone toothed than Alan Carr on his chatty man show.


Thing that struck me was that when the conversation turned as it invariably would to her love life, she revealed that she didn’t have a type…  You know most women do have a type, some women like tall men, dark men, handsome men, short men, muscular men or just any men, everyone has a type.  Men too as women well know.


My next thought that as Taylor didn’t have a type I should introduce her to ‘Bin Bag Tim’ you know the smelly old guy who lives in the bins at the back of Asda.  He’s a good catch if you can catch him (be careful what you catch though girls), he has own place, a constant supply of free food thanks to his landlords constant filling of the bin and of course wild game in the form of rats, mice and scurrying insects some of which live on his hat.  He also has enough cardboard to keep even the most thin blooded girl warm throughout the winter and a customer facing position in street based financial services. What a guy!  I can’t believe he hasn’t already been taken especially as he’s exempt from council tax.  He also has a wide range of hobbies ranging from rampant mastubation through to hunting and eating the lice in his scraggly beard and swearing randomly at passers by…  I can’t wait for their first date.


Clearly Taylor wouldn’t go for a guy like this and neither would most normal women.  Women and men are essentially looking for themselves in the opposite sex so Taylor’s type would be a rich, successful recording artist or music industry ‘type’ that shares the same goals and interests as her.  That’s her type.   


Boys and girls, everyone has a type, whether you get that type is up to you, most people don’t they settle for the best they can get and for the most part are really lucky with the result, a happy stable and loving relationship which seems to evade many celebrities.  


Women may hunt the men, but you can rest assured that men don’t hunt the women, they might think they do, but a wise observer will agree that in the mating game the men have very little input.  So boys if you are her type you just might get lucky and she might pick you.  If you are not her type then you’ve got no hope.

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