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You are an Avatar

What is an avatar, well more recently it’s something that you use to represent yourself in a digital world, whether that’s a picture on a forum or a 3d character battling it out amongst other players in a Massive Multiplayer Online Game.

Avatars are rarely the same as yourself.  They always embody the type of qualities that you’d like to have within that world.  You might be big and strong, fast and sneaky, clever, skillful, or just good looking.  It’s your avatar it’s your choice.

Before the internet and computing revelation came along there were other meanings for the word avatar.  Especially in the new age/spiritual or seeking communities of the world.

When I first started within this line of spiritual enquiry an avatar was considered to the personification of God on earth.  Some people claimed to have met avatars, a few were famous for their spiritual works.  Very few people claimed to be avatars though.

Here’s the main point.  You are all avatars.  God expresses itself all over the universe in infinite ways in infinite forms, each one individual and unique in it’s own way.

The soul expressed into a human body is still the soul of God and whilst you may not feel like it, it is true however that you are an Avatar of God.  That God’s presence is made real and expresses itself through you within this world.

As it is above, so it is below.  God creates worlds and seeks to exist within them in any form of his or her choosing.  Man makes worlds and seeks to exist within them in any form of his or her choosing.

God sets out the rules and we all play along, individualised fragments of a greater consciousness that watches everything behind our eyes and our thoughts.

Likewise when we make worlds, either in the imagination or within computer spaces we do the same.  This is why many creative people feel the power of God within them when they create.  It leaves them feeling clean and pure, like a true channel of divinity, a true avatar.

Tolkien himself described the process of writing his Middle Earth books and the process of authorship in general as ‘secondary creation’ that he too in some way was participating with the divine in creation.

He was an avatar and so are you.  Now the obvious question becomes, what aspect of the divine are you going to express?  How are you going to engage in secondary creation?  What will you do when the spirit of God moves you?

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