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Your Real Life’s Purpose

In order to understand the real you and your real life’s purpose, we need to step back a bit from you and look at the bigger picture around us.  Everywhere you look life is the same but fundamentally different at the individual level.  There are lots of species of animals, lots of insects and lots of bacteria for instance, yet every single one of them is unique.  An individual, totally different!


Space for everyone

So we can see that in fulfilling God’s purpose we all have to be different.  The world is a big enough place for us all to get along and be unalike.  Problems are caused when people don’t appreciate the differences between us all and would rather us all be the same.  Hence the realisation that the differences between us in terms of personality, appearance, height, weight, skin colour and life experience are all essential things and that instead of forcing people to be the same by wearing the same clothes or practicing the same religion, we should instead be encouraging of differences, because this feeds into our own unique experience of life.


You all perceive life from a unique perspective, seen only from your vantage point, your location in space and time as tempered by your background experiences and formed opinions.  So it’s important to be you.


You are never alone

Your real life purpose then is to keep on experiencing it, though you should be mindful that you can’t have an experience on your own.  If no one else is around then you still get to experience the universe as well as your thoughts.


The Holy Trinity

At any one time there is always three of you.  Your bodily self, your mind and the greater universe beyond your skin.  It’s obvious then that even a solitary individual that lives out in the desert away from all people still keeps on experiencing things, whether it’s the subtle changes of the landscape, changes in his health or mental well being, changes in his sensation of temperatures and other bodily things or the constant chitter chatter of his thoughts…


If you lock yourself in a room, sooner or later you will be itching to get out.  That’s why we all understand that putting people in prison is an effective punishment for bad behaviour, because it limits the prisoner’s ability to keep on experiencing life in new and different ways, but where do these ‘new and different ways’ come from.  In short they come from other beings.  People that are fundamentally different from you though compatible enough that sharing can occur.  The best experiences always come from people that are truly themselves.


They understand that it’s ok to be different, they feel no need to fit in with the larger crowd, because they understand that the bigger the collective, the smaller the individual becomes.  There is nothing more individual than the entire universe, but individuality implies collectivism, that’s why there is more than one elephant in africa and more than one cat or dog in the whole wide world each unique in their own way.


Be Yourself

In short be yourself, that’s your real life purpose, do the things that move you and make you happy because your desires are not always the desires of other people and that as long as you act in a way that is true to your inner goodness, you won’t do anybody any harm and you might meet interesting companions along the way.


You’ll become a more interesting person and provide quality experiences for other people in much the same way that they will provide quality experiences for you.  That way the cycle of experience is complete, because you’ll get the best experiences from other people and they’ll enjoy experiencing your uniqueness too.  None of this would be possible if you were not born to be individuals.

Be yourself and rest easy in the knowledge that to do so is to follow God’s plan and a fulfillment of your real life purpose.

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