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Zoom In

The illusion of separation is just that an illusion.

Zoom in to the very smallest scale of matter and the universe simply appears to be a cloud of atoms, making all things, all places and all experiences a pattern within those clouds.

You are a pattern in the cosmos, nothing more, nothing less.

Every moment brings about new changes, you incorporate new atoms, shed old ones, yet the pattern goes on clothing itself in the matter of the cosmos.


You are like a river in time, shaping everything and being shaped by all that it encounters.  This is the path of the soul.  The spirit can reveal the secret history of all that it encounters, because it is all that it encounters.  All events are recorded by all that participate, yet there are only atoms.

Zoom Out

The further out you go, above the level of the atom, there begins the illusion of separation as you eventually determine that this collection of vibrating and excitable atoms has limits, there is ‘me’ and there is ‘not me’.

The atomic cloud seems denser in some places and in others it’s hardly there at all, solid beneath your feet, not so much above your head, beyond the earth, it’s hardly there at all.  Yet the atoms are still there.

Zoom In

Yet at the level of the atomic cloud they are all you.  You shine the sun without knowing how, you are the patterns in the clouds, the rocks and the soil beneath your feet, the fossils lost in time, every plant, every animal, every insect, every person.  They are all you, because you are all of the atomic cloud.

There is nothing else but ‘I’

You shine the light of every star in existence.  If you look up into the night sky, all that you can see is you.  Take delight in the fact that you are this marvellous thing.  Everywhere you look you can see nothing else but yourself.  The furthest point is the back of your own head.  The closest point is your own skin.  Degrees of separation are all an illusion.

Zoom Out

The atomic cloud is all that there is of the physical dimension.  Yet there are other atomic clouds, the atoms of which have slightly different properties making them invisible to you at the level of your physical senses.

You are all them too, you are just as much a pattern in their clouds as this particular one.  You have matching components in these other realms.


Zoom In

Like the many skins of an onion from greater to finer density they exist.  Unlike the onion skin which is layered one above the other, these skins all exist within the same space, overlapping and interpenetrating each other.

There’s more than one type of atom…

So it’s obvious that when your physical body gives way to entropy, wear and tear or disease that the pattern will carry on, clothing itself in the remaining matter of the next highest realm, each realm ever more increasingly perfect than the last and more responsive to pure thought, until all that is left is God.  All that is left is the purest form of you that you will ever meet, ascend to or become.

Zoom Out

You are God, You are the Universe, You are you.  There is nothing else but ‘I’ which means that there is no such thing as an experience of nothing.

Zoom In

You are what the entire universe is doing in the place that you call ‘here and now’.  You are what God is doing in the place that you call ‘here and now’ in much the same way that a blade of grass is what the entire field of pasture is doing in the place where the grass is growing.

You are not separate to the universe, it nourishes you and supports you entirely, it’s all the same atomic cloud, you are it in its entirety.  The entire universe.


Zoom Out

The universe is a vast experience engine, you are a vast experience engine.

A playground in which you can learn the lessons of your divinity.

The nature of religion.

Religions are like classrooms in an esoteric school.  Most children seldom understand the importance of the lessons that the adults are trying to teach them, but later on when they are more fully developed not only is the lesson useful but it’s essential.  They’d be incomplete and unable to function as adults fully without it.  So it goes with the soul.

Religions are nothing more than the ritualised trappings of spirituality and once they’ve served their purpose are best discarded.  The commencement of life begins when you leave school.  The commencement of spiritual growth begins when you discard a religion.

Find your own path.  You are God after all.  You are what is God is doing in the place of a human being.

You are life.

There is no difference between the atoms of a living thing or a nonliving thing, yet somehow we have life within the universe.

The obvious conclusion to this is that the life was there to begin with, driving the development of matter through aeons long periods of random yet purposeful change, it’s not compelled to, it just has no other choice, it’s a constant built into the universe, an immutable law, like the speed of light.

It’s the speed of love.  Love is the background hum of the entire universe.

God is love.

All creation is love.

You are love…

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